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I was in urgent need of an attorney to file a summons and complaint on my behalf in order for me to receive some unclaimed funds that I was entitled to being held in the Superior Court of Contra Costa County.

Paul was referred to me by a friend. I contacted Paul, he was on vacation but still handled my case that I consider over and above the call of duty. We communicated (via phone), by email and by fax and my lawsuit was submitted on time.. I left the country for a month and Paul continued to act on my behalf with the Court. When I returned Paul had it all in place for me to sign a Release and to receive the entire amount of unclaimed funds that I was entitled to.

I highly recommend Paul. He is knowledgeable, dependable and cost effective.


Notice of Unclaimed Funds

Paul was a very knowledgeable attorney when he handled my manufactured home lawsuit. He is a man who puts his all into supporting and helping his clients with all sorts of useful information and directions to proceed in. He methodically investigates all existing material and info.


Attorney Review- Outstanding Person

I had my brand new Winnebago Class A RV in the dealer's repair shop five times totaling nine months of no usage plus significant miles to fix water leaks. They assured me that it was fixed, and I went to Alaska during the rainy season, and had a nightmare of non-stop soaked days the entire trip. Still the dealer couldn't, and finally wouldn't fix the leaks. Paul negotiated with the Winnebago legal department and quickly got 1) a refund of 20% of the purchase price to cover my lack of use, 2) an extension of the warranty by nine months, and 3) the pick up of my RV and return to the factory for prompt real repairs that fixed the leaks, and return to my home. Paul was extraordinarily knowledgeable about RV lemon laws, my rights, and did everything with Winnebago that could be done. I was very happy, and have recommended him to numerous people since then, including my son-in-law. His infirm father was recently duped by an insurance company salesman into a strong six-figure annuity, which Paul recovered plus twice the interest rate available from banks for the time that the company had his money.

A Defective Products client

An Amazing Recovery!

This was a mobile home park real estate transaction, involving an eviction resulting from a rules restriction based on age requirement. We owned the home, and were being evicted from the park. Park Management was totally unreasonable, given the situation, and Paul was able to bring a sense of reason, helping me to remain, on point, in a very stressful situation. Paul brought the situation to closure, without going to court, concluding in the most optimal result considering the circumstances.


Paul brought a "Voice of Reason" to a very choatic, real estate situation!

Paul helped my father get his money refunded with interest from a bad annuity investment. During the process I had many conversations with Paul and he was very knowledgeable and kept me informed about the outcome every step of the way. I would highly recommend Paul for any contract or agreement issue you might have.


Trustworthy Lawyer on Your Side

I'm old and my body has started to fail me but I surprise those who think of me as an "old lady"; I still manage my own affairs. Paul kindly came to me, while I was recuperating in a skilled nursing facility, to take care of my trust and he advised me on how to efficiently address some areas of concern. He continues to advise my niece when she has questions. He is a kind, caring, very professional young man.


I'm a ninety year old widow

We have an incorrect and defaming credit report mortgage issue that the bank would not acknowledge or correct after several attempts to communicate with them myself. Mr. Minoletti's knowledge of the specific Federal Code violated (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the State statute of limitations rules for this issue were cited in a letter of demand to the bank to correct the issue or face legal suit. His letter was expertly crafted to include the details, backup documents, request for expedient rectification and lastly, a deadline to correct or face further legal action. I am confident that Mr. Minoletti's letter will get their attention and the matter will be resolved in our favor.


Consumer advocate extrordinaire!

I worked with Paul to have two Living Trust documents created for my parents and my in-laws. We were able to do almost all of the preparation work ahead of time and over email. This made it very convenient for the clients who were elderly. The price was also competitive and the process went quickly.


Quick and Easy

I've had excellent experience with Paul Minoletti. He handled two cases for me and in both instances I received favorable outcomes. He is very reliable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.

Maria B.

Excellent Lawyer